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Monkhouse Encore

Bob Monkhouse was one of the UK’s best comedians, blessed with the gift of the gag.

Bob Sinfield wrote extensively for Monkhouse and interviewed him on BBC Radio 4.

The results of their collaborations are here in print for the first time.

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The Great Unwatched

great-unwatched-cover-small-2Wit and ‘wisdom’ on the wireless.

I’d like to say 35 years of painstaking research has gone into this one … but I had to be there anyway as it was my job.

There are chapters on everything from current affairs (No News Is Good News) to advertising (Give Us A Break) plus one about those unfortunate slips of the tongue (The Bum of the Flightlebee) … and as this is an ad for a book about radio, I shall end it with the kind of interminable disclaimer you get after each commercial.

Available subject to availability offer subject to status quo your seesaw may go up as well as down you will not own the car even though you bought it your home is at risk if you set fire to it 0% finance is what’s in your account APR are the first three letters of the fourth month of the year always keep away from children please drink responsibly excludes Scotland teas and coffees apply. 

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Gentleman of Jazz

GofJ ImageThis book tells the fascinating story of George Chisholm, from his boyhood in a part of Glasgow that made the Gorbals seem upmarket, to a 50-year career in jazz that earned him the OBE.

With a little help from broadcaster Bob Sinfield, George describes his eventful and often hilarious double life as trombonist and comedian, a combination that led him to work with everyone from Ambrose to Armstrong, from Goodman to the Goons, from Sinatra to Superman.

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The Gag Trade

Bob Shop Gag Trade frameBob Sinfield spent 25 years scripting every star on the box, from Bob Monkhouse and Jasper Carrott to Tracey Ullman and Rory Bremner.

Now he tells all about the life of a jobbing jokesmith and the celebs he tried to ‘gag.’

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Ready Steady Crook

Bob Sinfield pens the latest comedy adventures of Inspector Flint and Sergeant Bone as they meet the unusual suspects – Franco-Pierre Ramsbottom, Jen The Pen and Colonel Harvey Thraipe-Snickering.

‘A criminal piece of work’D.I. Flint

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Bob Sin Flint 'n' Bone frame 420x320

Simply Dead

The second Inspector Flint collection, charting the chequered history of Scotland Yard’s least successful detective. After bungling The Case of The Knackered Chef (see Ready Steady Crook), Flint is banished to Llandudno where he faces a web of Welsh intrigue, sex, drugs and OAP karaoke nights with a Mick Hucknall lookalike and a seagull shot at point-blank range. After their first Flint anthology (yes – Ready Steady Crook), Bob Sinfield and Tom Poole swore they’d never write another. This is it.

  • Paperback – Price: £7.99 [buy]
  • E-book – Price: £7.99 [buy]

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