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The Great Unwatched (front room show)

tgu-album-art-350x35045 minutes of unbridled hilarity at your place.

Broadcaster, comedy writer, actor and freelance waster BOB SINFIELD affectionately nibbles the hand that fed him for 35 years: the radio.

Expect tales of disastrous interviews with stars like Rupert Everett (“Oh, I don’t think we want to talk about that”) and Nina Simone (“Would you mind if I unbuttoned my blouse?”), plus a chance for you, yes you, to become the next big voiceover (terms & conditions apply).

What they say about Bob :-

  • ‘That prince of anecdotery’GILLIAN REYNOLDS, DAILY TELEGRAPH
  • ‘A flim-flammery, slapstickery man’BEN JACKSON, RADIO LEICESTER

Some adult content … some childish content.

To see the front room show, contact Bob for details.

Gentleman of Jazz

Gent of Jazz Image Website 366x391Book the live show based on the book based on the life story!

Bob tells the fascinating story of the legendary George Chisholm, from his boyhood in a part of Glasgow that made the Gorbals seem upmarket, to a 50-year career in jazz that earned him the OBE.

Bob describes George’s eventful and often hilarious double life as trombonist and comedian, a combination that led him to work with everyone from Ambrose to Armstrong, from Goodman to the Goons, from Sinatra to Superman.

Lord Buckley

His Royal Hipness, the dapper rapper, has been touring the UK’s festival circuit, dazzling the good people of Port Eliot in Cornwall, the Arundel Fringe, the Bath Fringe, Battersea Arts Centre and the Edinburgh Festival where he was feted thus in the Glasgow Herald:

‘Sergio Mendes Brasil ’66 is playing on the lounge bar stereo like it’s cocktail hour in Heaven. It may be hip for squares, but it’s the perfect pre-cursor to Bob Sinfield’s solo recreation of one of comedy’s great eccentrics. For those who ain’t down on all that jazz, Lord Buckley was the creation of one Richard Buckley, who dressed in a pith helmet and had the manners of the gentrified English upper-crust, but who reinvented the classics in a jive-talking semantic head-rush that pre-dated rap by decades.

Pretty fly for a white guy, and something which Sinfield tackles with boundless aplomb in this fantastical and devoted run-through some of the great man’s finest works. From the story of Jesus, aka The Nazz and Vasco da Gama (The Gasser) and even Willy The Shake (Shakespeare)’s Julius Caesar, in which “Friends, Romans, countrymen” are reborn as Hipsters, flipsters and finger-poppin’ daddies, it’s a whip-smart semantic stew in which Sinfield throws in a couple of latter-day props for good measure.

The extended re-telling of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, featuring Old Scroogey Scrooge shows exactly where Buckley’s clever-clogs story-telling roots were, and turned into a performance-art routine that’s stood the test of time. A classical gas to treasure.’

Neil Cooper – Glasgow Herald

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